Harcourt Fuller, Ph.D.

Black Money: World Currencies Featuring African and African Diasporic History and Culturesis a travelling exhibition that uses paper money as a medium to show the importance of the history and cultures of people of African descent. Comprised of over 300 banknotes, the exhibition is organized into ten themes that are visualized as “money trees,” weaving together a 10,000-year journey through major milestones and episodes in Black History. On display are currencies depicting the history of leaders such as Mansa Musa, Emperor of the medieval Mali Empire who is widely considered the richest person in history; South Africa’s first Black president Nelson Mandela; and Canadian Civil Rights icon Viola Desmond, recently installed on the Canadian $10 bill. The Black Money Exhibit was created by Dr. Harcourt Fuller, a history professor and Fulbright Global Scholar. It is part of UNESCO’s International Decade for People of African Descent (2015 – 2024) activities. 

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The Black Money Exhibit