Harcourt Fuller, Ph.D.

The Program
​Dr. Fuller is founder and director of the Jamaica Study Abroad and Maroon Immersion Program, a two-week summer voyage and educational excursion to Jamaica. It focuses on the history and culture of the Maroons - descendants of rebel slaves from West Africa who defeated the British and formed autonomous societies in the remote interiors of Jamaica in the 17th century. This program offers a first-hand opportunity to explore and research over 500 years of Jamaica’s diverse and dynamic history and culture, including the contemporary challenges of a developing island-nation in a globalizing world. Participants will visit National Heritage sites relating to the peoples, places and events of significance to Jamaican history, spanning the pre-colonial era of the indigenous Tainos, Spanish and British colonialism, the arrival of enslaved Africans and indentured Asians, and 50 years of political independence. Students will learn about pirates such as Henry Morgan; High Priestess Nanny of the Maroons; Pan-Africanist pioneer Marcus Garvey; Reggae music icon Bob Marley; and world’s fastest man Usain Bolt. Program highlights include hiking the 500 year-old Cunha Cunha Pass Maroon Heritage Trail, lodging at the Ambassabeth Eco Lodge Cabins, and home-stays with Maroon families. Lectures will be delivered by community experts, University of the West Indies and international faculty.

The program is open to both GSU and non-GSU upper division undergraduates, graduate students, alumni and professionals in the field. Program size is limited and participation is contingent upon acceptance by the Program Director.

Credits and Courses
Participants who successfully complete the program will receive 3 semester hours of course credit at Georgia State University. Undergraduate students will register for HIST 4975 - Study Abroad and graduate students will register for HIST 8460 – Seminar in Atlantic World History, for the Summer 2014 term. There is also a mandatory pre-departure orientation, lecture and film screenings to take place during the spring semester. Students from other institutions should follow their institution’s regulations concerning transfer credits.

Application Information
The program is not being offered for the current academic year. Please check back periodically to find out when it will be offered..  

Jamaica Study Abroad & Maroon Immersion Program